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(Janam Kundaly)

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Your personalized Astrology Horoscope Analysis Report, Prediction 

and effective Remedies




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Our another branch of personalised service   -  Personal Astrological Horoscope ( Personalised horoscope or Apna Janam Kundli or Kundli, Janam Kundli, online Janam Kundli, Janam Kundaly, Janam kundly, Janampatri)  is prepared with a great care for you and only for you. This is not made with a common predictions as it is seen in general newspapers or magazines. Considering your personal particulars given by you and analysing each of these particulars, this handwritten jyotish Horoscope is made much more authentically by our jyotish specialists (Astrologers) that contains the details of your probable future life path indications and predictions. Millions of people in this world believes that astrological Horoscope is very important to them because by that they can avoid or  by-pass any forthcoming negative happenings ( Physical, Mental, Financial etc.) in their life by taking adequate steps from before.  We also give you the suggestion of probable remedy if we find any thing negative in your life / fortune ahead. 


Personal particulars

  1. Full name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Time of Birth (if you do not know your exact time of birth, then give us the rough idea of your Time of Birth).

  4. Place of Birth

  5. Your main questions if any

  6. Complete Address

It is always better to get the time of birth. However if it is not available then try to give us the approximate time of birth.

Our charge for making your Personalized astrological  Horoscope ( kundly) is as low as US $ 35 only,  including delivery charges.

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Payment Options

Online Astrology Horoscope Janampatri Janam Kundly. 

Personalised Horoscope

Match making

Right thing 

at Right time






Online Puja or Pooja, Online Homa, Online Vedic Astrology etc. all are the parts and process of invoking Divine powers to remove your obstacles ... to save you from your troubles & crisis ... and to paves the way for giving you success, abundance, prosperity and peace in life ... ... with the Blessings of God & Goddess.






Astrological Compatibility

Personal Marriage Match Making i.e. Compatibility factors FOR  LIFE  PARTNERS :-

Marriages are said to be made in heaven but the statistics tells that now-a-days more and more marriages or love affairs are getting destroyed soon. Is there any way to give a guard from breaking a relationship ? ...perhaps yes ... ... ... 


Unhealthy relationship, unhappy married life and divorce makes the life hell. Indian Vedic astrology reading of your horoscope and your partner's horoscope can tell what is in your FATE. Is compatibility there? Happy and peaceful time will come? When? How to avoid break of relation with the help of Vedic remedies, Gems, Vedic mantra & Prayer.

Unhappy married life, Unhealthy relationship makes the life hell and slowly proceed to Break-up, Divorce, Distress and Alimony ... Indian Vedic Astrology may restore the bitter relationship into a nicer one. reading may tell you - 

Following Particulars are required for man and the lady both -

  1. Full name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Time of Birth

  4. Place of Birth

  5.  Address



Just Getting married with someone is much more easy than staying together for years after years with the same man or woman. You can choose a  Guy or a girl,  you may decide to marry him or her and you may think that you will have a happy peaceful married life...

But unfortunately it may not happen. Your initial illusion and infatuation for him or her may be destroyed with the passage of time after day, month after month ...year after year... ... ... and ultimately the bitter end of your dream ...Divorce.

Longevity of a Marriage depends on certain astrological factors. Compatibility factors. Successful marriage does not just depends on whether SHE is beautiful or not ... or whether HE is handsome, and earning a lot or not.  Peace and happiness of  married life depends on some crucial aspects. Astrologically these aspects govern your married life and make your marriage successful. Try to know  before the marriage whether these aspects  are friendly and a good marriage match maker for both of you or not. You may know the strength and weakness of your existing relationship in future. In necessity we will make you alert in certain points so that you may get chance to rectify them. Even if you are already married but not happy then also know it and get astrological remedies for it. Just spending US $ 51 you can get our expert foresight views and astrological remedies which may give you a peace.





Your marriage  or Love Match-making factors are ascertained completely in a personalized way. A complete report is given to you for your convenience. Remedies are also suggested to give a guard and  restore the relationship.




Do the Right Thing at a Right Time that may bring a success for you - Auspicious Time calculation or Muhurtha calculation -

Behind everything ...every act there is a right time, right moment to start with.  That means, there is certain time frames OR moments which are auspicious for you or which is favourable for you and if you stat to do any important thing within this time frame then you will likely be successful.  Astrologically some phase, some particular times has a direct positive and favourable impact on us that give us a maximum potential and competency as per the different stars location and their effect on us. The position of planets and stars have a great effect on us but we can not see it. We can not see gravitation by our eyes but gravitation is acting on the each and every point on the earth. Similarly we can not see the effect of astrological planets and starts on us but they affect us greatly which even determine our success and failures affecting our fate line ... ... ... You can know your probable personal RIGHT TIME for doing something you that may saves your money,  time labour etc. at a cost of US $ 35 only.

Following Particulars are required to find out your probable right time, Starting something at which you may get the success - 
  1. Full name

  2. Date of Birth

  3. Time of Birth

  4. Place of Birth

  5. Complete Address of you

  6. Location of your new venture i.e. where you want to start it.

  7. Write what you want to START


Are you Interested to start something new like -

New Business

New Job

New office

Adopting a Child

Buying a Car

Naming a Child

New Construction



Taking or giving Loan

Meeting an important man

Election ( Filing nomination,

          taking a charge of a 

          new office )

Entering into new House

New Investment

Starting a Journey

Purchasing a house

Purchasing property

Selling a property 

 and also many more ... ... 

Then know the right time for that 

Know your RIGHT TIME




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